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Automatic Voltage Drop Compensator

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Outside View of a 500 kVA Unit Inside View of a 500 kVA Unit

Automatic Voltage Drop Compensator

For Sale

1 unit has the Output Power 500 kVA
2 units have the Output Power 375 kVA

The Automatic Voltage Drop Compensator,
which are in possession of MTT CORPORATION and ready for sale.
All 3 units are new and known to be very fast

These units were manufactured by Queensboro Transformer Technologies Corporation
Long Island, New York, USA.
They are 3 phase, Dry type, Indoor operation, Self-Cooled and 3 point regulated
Automatic Voltage Drop Compensator, as described in the Instruction Book No.1060.

      The specification for the Automatic Voltage Drop Compensator are as follow:
	              All 3 units of this type are new, never used
                                      2 units              1 unit
  			                 wer = 375 kVA             / 500 kVA
           	           Frequency = 60 Hz
	   Nominal incoming line voltage = 480 V/277 V
	       Stabilized output voltage = 480Y/277 V ± 0.5%
		        Rated output current = 450 A               / 677 A
	 Net voltage correction capacity = -5% to 18%
  Through simple reconnection said
	      function can be changed to = -18% to +5%
	  Temperature rise by resistance = 80°C
			         Wave distortion = 0	    (harmonic content)
	     Apparatus phase shift angle = 0
			              Efficiency = 99.5%.   (1/4 to full load)
          Short circuit 
        withstandibility for 2 sec = 40 times rated current
			  	                Lugs = 350 MCM
   Dimensions [inches] (H x W x D) = (67 x 43 x 21)
		          Approximate weight = 1500 lbs.

Sensing can be direct or remote controlled.
Windings, leads and buses are pure electrolytic copper.
The apparatus is made for unattended services.

The control is 208Y/120V, 5 ampere and includes a 3 phase servomotor.
On the main power 480Y/277V all neutral cables has to pass directly from the input to the output.

The transformer cores are of specially selected grain oriented steel.
The installed column type variable transformer has graphite roller current collectors,
in reciprocal motion, which makes them magnetically balanced in any current collector position's

Energy Conservation For Cleaner Environment

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