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Company Information
Management Concepts : Update manufacturing equipment
Use of higher quality material
Upgrade transformer quality
Quality Policy : Improve the design and quality control
Nature of Business : Design and Manufacture of
* Single and three phase Transformers
* Step up/down Transformers
* Lighting Voltage Controllers "WattManager®"
* x-ray Transformers and Precipitators
* Automatic Voltage Regulators
* Custom Transformers and other Magnetic Components
* Repair of all kind of Transformers and Magnetic Components
Target Markets : USA Market and Oversees
Payment Terms : Mutual agreement
Major Customers : OEM Industries / Electric and Electronic Suppliers / Electronic companies/ Medical equipment manufacturer / Elevator Companies / Distributors and Service contractors / Sales Companies / Traders / Agents and others Machine Shop Companies
Freight On Board : Factory in New Jersey, USA

Proven Design, Experience and Expertise

MTT Corporation brings over 35 years of experience to bear on every product development effort. Our consultative approach insures that we meet the unique needs of our customers with proven design and development methodologies and reliable products to save electrical power by HID lamps.

With expertise in custom magnetic, power saving and applications, and custom performance requirements, MTT CORPORATION’s team offers the knowledge and abilities to satisfy unique specifications with tested and proven products.

Customer support

MTT CORPORATION’s "proactive partner" approach to customer support reinforces our commitment to total quality service. Determining product specification, delivery status, and open order backlog status is simply a phone call or email away. Our customer service representatives, sales team, and engineering group are available and always ready to answer questions, resolve issues, or provide insight into requirements for custom designs, manufacturing and installation.

From acknowledging inquiries to following up on customer orders, whether via telephone, email, or in person, MTT CORPORATION maintains open lines of communication to serve our diverse customers.

Quick Turnaround

MTT CORPORATION’s wide range of products and designs allow our development teams to provide custom magnetic solutions significantly faster than the industry average. We provide custom designs from contract to delivery within an average 4 to 6 week window, and offer pre-built units (existing designs) for delivery within 3 to 4 weeks or shorter by common product sizes.

MTT CORPORATION also offers rapid turnaround on tight lead times to assist our clients in meeting critical deadlines. When necessary, we can deliver custom designs in as few as 3 weeks, and existing designs in as few as 1 week.

If you require a custom design with rapid turnaround, please contact MTT CORPORATION with requirements and timelines, and MTT CORPORATION will conduct a thorough analysis and provide a quote with specifications and delivery date.

Energy Conservation For Cleaner Environment

7 Tanager Lane, Robbinsville, NJ 08691, USA * Tel.(609) 371-1258 * Fax.(609) 371-1259 *