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Our mission is to have satisfied customers.    To be recognized by our customer as the best manufacturer of custom Magnetic, Transformers and Lighting Voltage Controller "WattManager®", by providing on-time delivery of quality products and services... Resulting in an excellent company to do business with, to work for, and have fun too!

MTT CORPORATION specialize in products designed to custom specifications - your specifications.    Call it mass customization.    At MTT CORPORATION, we are able to produce made to order products because we work with a wide variety of standard materials.

When a customer comes to us with a problem, our engineers are able to produce the solution and deliver it at a fair price.    It starts with determination to solve your problems.    It continues in careful attention to delivering exactly what you need.    And it lasts long after the sale.

Our Values
The way in which we work for our customers will be governed by these basic values:

The quality of our product, services, and on-tine delivery are our top priorities.
Our quality is a reflection of everyone and everything within our organization.

We will try always do the right thing.

We will be open and honest in our dealing with customers, suppliers, and one another.

There is only one way to have a company with successful business and bright future. that is to have a lot of happy satisfied customers.

Each of us is reflected in the quality of our work. Every job within our company is essential to servicing our customers. We will strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our people are our number one asset. Involvement and teamwork are vital to our success. We will work as teams, to solve problems and to continuously improve our product and service.

Our commitment to quality makes us proud to work at MTT CORPORATION. Our ambition is to have a team with an overwhelming desire to be the best.

The spirit of MTT CORPORATION is to conduct all of our affairs with wisdom, economy, and brotherly love.

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