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Direction to the factory in Perth Amboy/New Jersey

653 Sayre Avenue Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Tel. (732) 826-4700

  1. Take the New Jersey Turn Pike or Parkway to highway 287 South.
  2. Highway 287 South changes to 440 North.
  3. Take exit 184 to 35, Amboy Avenue, Perth Amboy.
  4. Keep on the right lane and pass the 1st Traffic light.
  5. At the 2nd traffic light make a right turn onto Route 35 South. It is Covery Boulevard.
  6. Continue on route 35 south and pass 5 traffic lights.
    Pass traffic light Harrington Street.
    Pass traffic light Brace Avenue.
    Pass traffic light Compton Avenue.
    Pass traffic light Lawrie Street.
    At the traffic light inter section is New Brunswick Avenue.
    You see the Perth Amboy Hospital on the left.
    After the inter section on the right you see a Shell gas station.

  7. The next block after the traffic light make a right turn onto Sayre Avenue.
  8. After some 200 yards you see on the left a 3-story brick building.
    On the right you see a parking place belonging to the brick building.
  9. At the end of the 3-story brick building you see one story white building.
    This is 653 Sayre Avenue and the office.

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