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Transformer Hardware and Thermal Protection
Transformer Size Transformer Fastner Coil Wound on Winding
  Height [in]:
  Length [in]:
  Depth [in]:
 Weight [Lbs]:
Femal Keeper
2 Flanch Bobbin
3 Flanch Bobbin
Random Winding
Exact Layer
Ins. Betw. Layers
El. Static Shielding
Steel Lamination Impregnation Ther. Protection Hi-Pot Insulation Test
EI Lamination
UI Lamination
Cut Core   Size:
Dip Varnish
Vacuum Varnish
Epoxy Potted
Oil Filled
Cut Off
Reset Type
  Primary/Core [kV]:
  Secondary/Core [kV]:
 Pri./Secondary [kV]:
  Test Duration [sec]:


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