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    Repair Transformers

Please complete the following forms.

Please provide us with the requested information, so that a representative of MTT CORPORATION
be able to evaluate the damage and estimate the repair cost and send you a quote.

Enter Customer Information and Transformer Data.

MTT CORPORATION has a web site for transformer repair.
Please visit the web site

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Enter Transformer Data

Please try to enter as much information as possible about the transformer, which needs to be repaired/rebuilt.

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   Single Phase Transformer
   Three Phase Transformer

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    Primary Voltage [V]:     Secondary Voltage [V]:
    Primary Current [A]:     Secondary Current [A]:
   No. of Primary Coils:    No. of Secondary Coils:

 Dimension Height [in]: Weight [Lbs]:   Length [in]:   Depth [in]:

Please inform us what you think is wrong with the transformer
(coil open, burnt or others) please explain below.


MTT CORPORATION has the expertise to rebuild the transformer to its
original Condition, using high quality US made materials and modern
manufacturing and testing equipments.

Emergency Service is available 24 hours 7 days a week
Contact us for more Information and Quotes.

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