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Lighting Voltage Controllers "WattManager®" and "WattMan®"

Product Specification

img WattManager®
Lighting Voltage Controller

WattManager® is an energy saving Lighting voltage-controller that substantially reduces the amount of electricity used by fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting systems without significantly reducing light output.

WattManager® units provide nominal voltage to the lamps during ignition, allowing the full ionization process. When the ionization process is complete, the WattManager® reduces the voltage supplied to the lighting system.

Since the lights have achieved full ionization, they will maintain a high degree of brightness despite the reduction in voltage. A 15 - 20% reduction in input power, in most cases up to 25%, results in virtually undetectable lumen reduction of approximately four to eight percent.

3 Phase WattManager®

WattManager® units include an AUTOMATIC LOAD SENSOR. The sensor is intended for facilities where portions of the lighted area are turned on and off at various times. Electronic circuitry will sense when additional lights are added and place the controller into the high voltage mode while the lights are starting. Then will return to low voltage after the programmed appropriate delay.

WattManager® units are housed in drip-proof metal (NEMA 1 or 3R) enclosures.
They may be Floor or Wall Mounted.

The Lighting Voltage Controller "WattManager®" qualifies for Investment Tax Credit in most states and power company rebates.

Air Conditioning is more efficient with the reduction in lighting wattage.
Air conditioning load is decreased due to lower ballast temperature.
For each watt saved in lighting almost 25% to 33% is saved in air conditioning load.

For more information please click to the main WattManager® Web Site

Energy Conservation For Cleaner Environment

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